Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is this love…?


I think I have forgotten the flair to tell stories about my four legged friends.

Then I came across one heart moving episode…..hmm its Nina Sandaq.

I was clearing away the newspaper ,cutting and tearing pictures which might come handy in my class.Searching for a ruler,I opened the drawer of a cabinet.And left it opened .

When the washing machine began buzzing,I stopped work to put the laundry to dry on the clothesline.

Then I came back to the piles of unfinished paper….

Srettttt……srteeeeeetttttttttt. Came the sound from the half opened cupboard.

It might be a mouse.

I went over to  the drawer ,pulled the bottom out and out came Nina Sandaq.

She must be in there and cannot find her way out.But she never meowed.

I gathered her in my arms ,murmuring away.

Kalau mama tak nampak tadi ,tentu nina dah mati.Ada kan kucing mati dalam lemari.Pasai apa buat macam ni….Semua kucing mama sayang semua dah tak ada.Nina sorang saja yang tinggal.

I looked into her eyes. She looked back into mine. I could sense the sadness in her eyes.

I let her go and lay on the sofa. Nina was 2 metres away from me on the flight of stairs to the tv room.

She looked at me.I beckoned her to me.

She came and sat on my stomach.This she never did before.My eyes welled up.

Nina started massaging me with her soft paws.This too was a thing Nina sandaq never do.Tears started rolling down my cheeks when nina said something only known to her.

Was she saying :

I love you……..

She then retreated to the top of the cupboard with a glint in her eye…..


  1. alahai nina...rindu pulak budak neh

  2. Mamason
    I know the feeling (of animal n human).

    Sebak plak rasa dihati..

  3. Ciksom,
    Really ciksom.memang kucing tu buat saya menitis airmata.Kalaulah divideokan..boleh muat you tube.