Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Educating them … harghi panaih lit lit


Ha tu dia.Satu lagi loghat daerah.

I was waiting for them in the classroom.Ten minutes have passed.Hmmm…..

Another ten minutes,3 boys appeared.

Ticer ada tuisyen dak….. they asked.

Ha ….dah lama saya tunggu.Awak pi mana?


Then after yet another few minutes,a few turned up.

Kami pi makan seberang jalan….lapaq.


Then again after a few minutes the other boys arrived.Muka hitam dek panahan matahari.Peluh menitis dipipi.

Ha pi mana.Pi tanam padi ka?

Depa main sepak takraw….kata yang lain.

Huih…..panaih lit lit macam ni awak main sepaktakraw? I asked. Tengah hari buta pulak tu.

Well those were year 6 students who proudly told me they have more than 1 hundred days to UPSR.


The other day,I taught them ‘My Family’.Today I brought an apron,a teddy bear,a cap and a tie.In groups of 4 they acted in introducing their family members.And lastly ,they have a family photograph.

Well,the year 1 students did have a roaring time .


I thought they have not memorised the song “ The Silly Pirate Song”. When I asked them to perform in groups ,they were eager to outshine others.Mau termalu cikgu nya yang masih tak dapat steps to the song and got to learn from them.

And their creativity was brought to test with their made it ourselves booklets.

Well,these are the year 3 pupils .And among them are budding writers and cartoonists.


And as for the year 2 boys and girls,if they were given the right coaching,they would shine in their studies.


SKRPB……hope in the near future,we would no longer be categorised as SKM……….


Yang buat makcik tergelak : Cikgu kaya.Suami cikgu pakai tie.Kereta cikgu besar……..Comel.

surely…..they make me smile although haghi panaih lit lit ……….hehe…..


  1. jangan terpedaya dengan kecomelan mereka.Ada masa mama pun boleh menyinga dengan kerenah mereka.
    Hero gambaq padiappa pun ada.
    Hero gambar kung fu panda pun ada.