Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being a boss no more.

When up,they were up,they were up

When down they were down,they were down……

Well,the song …..old grand duke of York kept ringing in my head.

The lyrics ….were apt to the people in office.Holding managerial posts.Or even in politics.


Nek tergelak baca coretan anak ttg orang yang memanggil dia boss.And in cikli’s family its in abundance.Cikli being the sole proprietor of his own small enterprise ….tentulah anak buah panggil boss.

And mamason while in office….is usually addressed as boss. But not  directly to the face.I prefer my teachers to address me as cikgu or kakak.

Oh ya…. I only came to know to address our working colleague  as makcik is way out of professional etiquette.How ever old that person may be.

How do you feel ,I was asked ,to be a boss no more.

I feel relieved of that enormous gigantic galactic responsibility.

So,friends and colleague…..if you see me doing the menial tasks of sweeping the floor of the classroom,its because I am a boss no more.

And I like it that way.

Satu hari anda diatas,satu hari anda dibawah….doesnt matter.Cos when I was up ,I didnt feel I was a big grand bossy boss.Hehe.

Was I ever bossy when I was a boss?

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