Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the road ….again


Tomorrow ,mamason,cikli and the little big missy will hit the road.Again.Just last month we did it.And off to KL we go.This time to Subang Jaya.

Big brother has secured a post in one of the firm building the MRT.

Well bye bye Bandar Perda,her Jusco,Kapitan Restoran,Borong Tudung .And last but not least….CHARLIE.

Dear friends… any mean ,stay away from level 17 of those imposing 19 storey condominiums.As Charlie seems to like it there…..and even more house number 8.

We got enough of Charlie.And scars to testify.

Dont laugh when I made quite a fuss about that little creature.Tak kena tak tahu.Dah kena baru tergaru garu.HAARUUU.

Tomorrow,the unit would be vacated for good….and this was the first time I came across in my life that a house must be closed and sealed .Sealed? Yes.Not even a ray of light could be allowed as Charlie would follow suit.Gila kan?

Memang tak boleh dibayangkan.Macam a tightly sealed tin or can.All because of CHARLIE.


  1. Nak komen tapi....tak faham hahahah

  2. Cik Ismail
    Salam.Kena bagi kelas tambahan atau tuition ni.