Friday, March 23, 2012

Going bananas


It must be the weather.Or it may be of my way of taking after issues.Some take it hot ,while others are cool.

Makcik memang betul betul letih.Itu kenyataan .Going to KL up and down do take a toll on the already aging body.

Being an English teacher,3/4 of my teaching hours means standing up,going up and down the rows ,teaching,guiding and scolding …ehe ehe.

Suddenly ….Pop! There goes the electricity.

The hot and humid room then soon turned in a furnace.Children were grumbling …panas panas.

They stopped doing their work .

It was the second time in this week that the whole school except for the canteen had a blackout.But the eating place was not spared.

Soon a crowd gathered in the canteen….everyone trying to escape the heat.

I let the children out of the choking room to the more airy space….There’s even a class on the lawn of the office building.

But from the corner of my eyes,I saw a figure .Oblivious to the heat,the gardener kept on sweeping the leaves on the ground.

Inilah orang yang halal rezekinya…..

Sedangkan ramai yang bersungut kerja menimbun tapi sebenarnya lain yang merimbun.Aduhai.

Sedangkan ramai yang limas lemas kepanasan,the old gardener keeps doing his work.Dengan senyum diwajahnya.

Inilah orang yang halal rezekinya….aku pasti.

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