Thursday, March 15, 2012

Educating Them …… the room.


Its been an agony for floating teachers like those teaching English doing their job.Entering a much smudged class after another lesson is not an entertaining idea. If you are one for neatness and cleanliness,lesson wont start until you have everything in order.I mean the rubbish that were strewn all over the floor picked up,the desks and rows straighten up. For me,all these while : No clean room,no lesson.

So its understood by my young pupils that for my lesson ,things should be in order.English books should be on the table.

But to establish the routine,it takes perseverance.And to train young kids it takes ages.Until one day I spied empty rooms which were only utilised by the afternoon religious class.So after informing the admin,I took into myself to turn the store room like class into my English Class.

La tu bilik Kafa….budak budak nakal.Nanti depa kacau. Was the responses I got when they saw me on hands and feet sweeping,arranging,stapling in the once bilik store like classroom.

Hmm budak budak….tapi kalau benda dah elok, mereka saya yakin tak kacau.

Truth be told….. until the last day,the Kafa children helped to take care of the class.I dont see much rubbish on the floor as before and the pictures that I put up were still in tact.

The only thing that looked used is the hop and jump…..

Now I can have the picture of Aaron Aziz welcoming the children into the classroom.And year 1,2 and 3 students were eager to greet him.

Hello,hello my dear friend…..

My dear friend,my dear friend….Mr Aziz.


  1. Salam berkenalan....
    I know it's not easy being a teacher....i yg bukan chegu pun hv a hard time with the very own children. Klau jadi chegu betul agaknye habis !! kene serang dgn parents sebab tak sabar!!

  2. Leezas,
    Makcik masa muda dulu pun mmmg tak sabar.Rasanya murid murid ingat akan kegarangan makcik dulu.Tapi as years gone by..bolehlah tone down sikit.Tu pun kdg kdg mcm nak hantuk kepala kat dinding( my own la)hehe.
    Mujurlah for the last 35 years makcik tak ada lah parents my kejar.Tapi sekarang parents overprotective sangat.Takut saya.