Thursday, January 26, 2012

All in a days work…..


Today,mamason got to get things done at 4 places. 4 different buildings at 4 different locations….just to meet the needs of the tawaran pelantikan guru contract for mbmmbi.

Its no easy feat for a person my age……hehe.

Going over the contract ..I was perplexed at the number of copies needed,the procedure for stamp duty…the can and the cannot.The yes and the yes not.

So off went I to the JPN to put all doubts at rest.After consulting the officer in charge who then consulted the KPM,we shoot off  to Chemumar to have my head sign a letter.

On the way,we did a stopover at the KWSP for that piece of letter called the surat sumpah.The commissioner of oath attended to me after settling some paperwork with a client.

The off to Chemumar we went .Just in time to get the head put his signature.Lucky me,…..hmm things would be different if I had been a minute late.

Get back to no.7 as cikli got to attend his own affairs.Tidied up the loose ends of the various forms and letters.

Then zoom we went to the Anjung Keli for brunch and a stop over at the Poslaju was imminent as  I need to poslaju a letter to KPM.

Hah….ingat habis dah ke …..

After lunch of keli bakar,dengan berbau ikan bakar,the LHDN office was the next venue.Here the contract  needs duty stamps to be affixed. Melayang 30 rial .

Dan akhir sekali,barulah boleh bernafas dengan lega bila the contract letter were forwarded to the JPN.Malangnya pegawai dah balik atas urusan.Anyhow I left them to another colleague of hers.Harap dapatlah dibereskan segera so I could send them to KPM….

There you see peeps….it aint easy getting the papers in order….Nampak je senang.

And I salute myself for that…..berdesup desap ke sana sini macam orang orang muda.Alhamdullilah.

Bila balik ke rumah baru terasa diri dah terlebih usia…… lidah kelu nak berkata,badan rasa tak bermaya….maka bantallah jawabnya.

Before I dozed off…..a sign post at Anjung keli made my day

Agak agak ada tak adegan ini :

Makjah : Abang hang oi,besok kita pi pekena nasi kat NASIK TANG NI .

Pakkob : MakJah ooi….kedai baghu bukak kah tu?


  1. cheqna,
    haha juga.Tapi tang mana yang kelakar ya.Mesti makjah kan...