Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The thoughts

Actually there are gazillions of issues swarming her medulla oblongata.Like maggots eating the flesh.When she screamed:



Well,she didnt screamed it loud and clear.It was only in her heart

A moment ago it was the finance issue.

A minute ago it was the office.

Now she is harbouring thoughts about her past .

The next minute it could be about one of her family.

If she is a script writer ,her thoughts could be transformed into a box office film that no one could ever produced.


There are issues that she should face them squarely.She should take the bulls by the horns.

There are thoughts that should have been buried long ago.Forsaken ,forgotten.Ah…if they could be locked in a non breakable vault. And the keys thrown into the Depth of Marina.


Reading them on Oprah,she knew she was not alone.

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