Tuesday, November 29, 2011



With nothing better to do,surfing I did.Not on the water for sure but on the net it was.And lo ho behold,I stumbled across a class photograph of me and my classmates back in 1969.

How old can that be?

We were the boisterous ,happy  students of 5 Science 2 ……..but leave me out of the picture.Socially..I was a disaster from the start.Dont recall any happy moment.Yes,as I stated earlier…life was hard for me.

But academically,I excelled in certain areas.Remembered Mr.V ‘s class in English.Wasnt I the best student.Boo.Angkat diri.It was the teachers remark and choosing my work as a model to be copied boosted my somewhat flailing confidence.Wasnt I the one who was always eager to read and answer the questions in his class.And my malay friends were envious of me.One told me: Pi lah kawan dgn Singh,Muthu…..for liking  bombastic words.

But dont ask me maths and science….Mr R had me standing on the chair one fine day….hehe.And out of the class too.But he was one of the best teacher.

My late ustaz,had seen me as a lawyer….my BM teacher as a romantic novelist.

Alas my highest achievement : GB sekolah kluster.Tapi I pencen the next day.

And I was some sort of a walking dictionary.Book worm incorporated.How nerd was I ….damn clear.


  1. Nampak gaya bekas cikgu mokjade bukan sebarangan org. sebab itulah anak muridnya pun hebat juga. Mengenang masa dulu amat indah wlau hidup tak sesenang sekarang...

  2. Kakzakie,
    Kawan kawan sekelas ramai yang menjadi orang...doktor,pensyarah,ushawan tapi entah entah ada juga yang jadi tak ketahuan.
    Saya banyak sangat halangan,tu yang end up jadi cikgu saja.But I'm a proud teacher.Proud lah juga dgn achievements.hehe.Cewah.

  3. tanpa cikgu tak akan lahir seorang doctor, pensyarah atau usahawan.

    it's a noble profession ma'am.

  4. i'm also proud to be a teacher ...