Friday, November 4, 2011

Penampakan kah itu?


I was busy calculating and tabulating the marks when I heard a loud:

Arrrrrrrrghuaaaaahmamaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr.Loud and clear.

I noticed the source .None other than my dear hb who was sleeping on the raised platform of the living room.

I stopped short.

Hmmm its usual for cikli to go mamaing .Mamai as in dreaming.

Its usual to hear him groaning now and then in his sleep.

But something unusual caught my attention.

It was Nina Sandaq.I saw her inching her way to cikli.

The look on her face was of bewilderment.Yes,she looked terrified of something.She went closer and sniffed cikli’s face.

Then cikli let out another eerie groan.Macam orang kena tindih.

Nina Sandaq darted across the room and took refuge under the cupboard…..

Then she suddenly dashed into a box .Her ears as if  a radar.


Nina.nampak apa?I asked.

Next time ,I will have my olympus ready.

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