Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the hols –week 1


Its the second day of the school break.

Last night,off and on I watched the fight between the tigers and the eagles.Between curses and words of encouragement,I surfed the net.Leaving cikli to the tv all by himself.Taklarat la dok dengaq dia dok tempik.

And the gold is ours in the end.Kudos HarimauMalaya.


The thought of going on cuti cuti Malaysia is there.But with the news of impending flood,it seems it has to be shelved.Teringin nak pergi Pahang,Kelantan dan Terenganu.Tapi kat sana banjir dah mula lebih awal.Lagi pun ,my dear in Kuantan is in Singapore attending a course at RELC.Coming back only middle of December.

Its a wee bit lonely.No children to holler and no timetable to adhere to.

Horray… Its a free for me only time.

And cikli has this to say:

Lega tak payah hantar pagi pagi.


Without the camera ,I missed capturing the antics of my four legged children.You see,they are all I see until 1.00 in the afternoon.

And watching them,bring  glitters to my eyes.

Nina,Tam,Boboi……a wonderful trio.Nanti I story about them.Bye.


  1. Johor, Melaka dan Terengganu telah mula dilanda banjir - tidak bermakna tempat lain tak akan terkena juga, kan Cikgu? Maka lebih baik kita bersedia. :)

  2. Kakcik,
    Dah depa dok war war Perlis nak banjir,cuak juga rasa hati.Rasa berdebar saja bila hujan turun tak berhenti.Minta minta tu janganlah.