Monday, November 21, 2011

Is it the beginning?


Its 5.00.Still very early when I was jolted out of my sleep.

It was like someone shouting,

Water is rising! Loud and clear.

I jumped out of bed.Rubbed my drowsy eyes and yes,I could hear the drumming of the rain on my roof.


Is it the beginning?

It was forecast that we would be having a bigger flood ever.OMG.Hope it was only a forecast.


At 7.00 ,I took a look at the sky.It was dark and gloomy and rain had not ceased.The last time it flooded,it just took two days of continuous rain before the river swelled and the dam overflowed.

And the DJ on the radio was telling the public not to listen to sms that Perlis is already flooded.The local radio would be on 24 hours during this time.And sometimes ,even the radio is playing down with the current situation.The project to ease the flood is ongoing but the work for the dam is going to be carried out.

Would be carried out?How soon?Timah Tasoh is the bane of the flooded Perlis.

Got to start packing,rolling ,heaving ,dragging soon.

And when cikli was getting ready for work,I had this to say:

Cikli, balik cepat ya kalau dengar banjir.Jangan dok pi mesyuarat.Tak larat lah nak kemas sorang sorang.Phew.


  1. Harap2nya waktu saya hendak ke sana nanti, cuaca akan baik2 sahaja.

  2. Manusia merancang, Allah menentukan. Mana tak banjir semakin teruk kalau semua projek "on" tak pernah pandang langsung ekosistem yg terjejas.

  3. Mamason,
    Adoi....banjir lagi? I can't imagine the trouble you all would have to go through all over again. Take care, OK? ((((((HUGS))))) purrr....meow!

  4. Kakcik,
    Moga moga bulan 12 nanti cuaca cantik.Saya pula teringin nak pi Pahang.harap tu dah surutlah nanti

  5. Kakzakie,
    Salam.Itulah balasan dok tebang sana,timbuss ini,last last alam berontak.

  6. CFS,
    Belum banjir lagi.Tapi sign dia macam tak lama lagi saja.Bila Thailand banjir belah Sadao,kami kat sini pun kena tempias.Selalu macam tu.