Tuesday, October 11, 2011

there i was


No sooner than I said,there I was.

We were discussing about MC when I casually said that it was not welcoming to have Mcs on a Monday.

Apa kata orang.Nak sambung cutilah tuuuuuuuu. Sambil muncungkan mulut.


So when I began having all the syndromes of flu attack,I took to the panadols and other remedies. The pain was not subsiding but getting worse by the hour.

That weekend ,I  was like a wet rat.Drenched in my own sweat.

The lips were parched like papyrus of ancient Egypt.And the throat and stomach were hostile to any food.

Noo No NO …they screamed.


The pleasant doctor prescribed some medications and a 2 days stay away from work.Hope they work well.The med I mean.

As for tomorrow,if the fever is manageable,I might go to school.But teaching a year i class needs a lot of energy.So if the body and soul is still weak,its probable that staying at home might make recovery quicker.

The last time when I went against the doc advice,I ended with a total loss of speaking and severe migraine and the fever staying over their limit.

Typing this entry amidst a torrent of sweats.

Itulah dilemma pegawai kerajaan yang bekerja bila umur dah lebih 58.

Antibody tak kuat .Sekali budak budak ber ashem..dua kali cikgu demam.

Saw it coming when the pemulihan group were having ashem,ashiiiiiiiiiiin in class.And they did this right infront of my face.

Kena pakai face mask nampaknya lepas ni.

The post above was typed the night before.

And here’s the update:

Today,asked cikli to ring the admin about my another stay away at work.Still feeling groggy ,what with the med on empty stomach.Risau teramat tentang final year exam next week.What with the unfinished syllabus and unrevised topics.

Heard cikli telling the pk.:

Dia demam lagi tak boleh bangun.

Sometimes I feel that its better if dia tak bangun bangun…….end of story.

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  1. cikgu...
    semuga cikgu akan lebih sihat sehari dua ini...
    banyak2 berehat.. memang dah patut rehat pun... sejak raya cikgu betul2 sibuk dengan macam2 hal...