Sunday, October 2, 2011


I hereby proclaimed today Sat 1.10.11 to be HBBBSD

Hari Bengap se Dunia or Hari Bengang Se dunia

or worst still : IT could be Hari Bang**g Sedunia

Well to all the Bengangs,Bengap and Bang**g  I wish to wish:



It all started as early as 11 when we started our journey to SP.

Halfway through town,dear significant other was searching frantically,messaging frantically for an envelope.Seeing him in this state,I suggested that we go the place that he last went.Not finding it there,I insisted not to begin the journey unless he found what he was searching.So back home we went.Hmmmm it was in the bag that he had searched in vain before.

There goes a bengap case no. 1 that could make us bengang!


Continuing our journey,an endless string of cars were following a cement mixer which hog the road all the way. It was frustrating to follow that big gedabak tanker at 20kmph.

Bengang lagi.Tak boleh bagi jalan ke kat orang lain.Bengap no 2.

After the cement mixer,a car was driven at 30kmph although the road was clear infont of her.Another bengap.And that driver was busy on the phone.The traffic was building at the back.Haiya…bengap no.3.

At SP we were given the pleasure to see an acrobatic act by two young stupid men.Weaving in and out of traffic with utter disregard for their own safety. ..Bengap no 4.

the daredevils

The bengang case continued at the foodstall when we had dinner with paen.We were finishing our food when the waiter brought a plateful of ayam goreng kunyit for 3.Manalah kami minta.With a face unsmiling,she took back the food.And cikli did the checking of the bill.Mujur tak bengang!

Coming back from BM,we were undecided whether to straight back home or spend the night when we got a call from KL.Another story….mujurlah its just a breakdown..

Hearing the news,and waiting for updates made us abandon the idea of staying in SP and headed for home.

And nearing AS,another silly driver made us bengang.When cikli press the gas,that cononet kancil would accelerate his speed.Hoi nak race kah? Cikli dah mula naik angin.

Tak payahlah jadi bengap macam dia. Kita yang rugi lebih.Kereta dia tak berapa nak perbaik compared to ours.I said.

Well well marah berbenau cikli.Another bengang case.

Aduh ! What a day…..full of bengangs,bengaps and beng**gs

Thus HBBBSD is fairly appropriate!

Hari Bengang ,Bengap dan Beng**g Se Dunia!

 aku tak peduli driver

Tengok tu,kereta pengantin yang bengap ditraffic light.


  1. Cikgu...
    betul... memang HBBBSD jika kena macam cikgu hadapi tu.....
    apapun cikgu dah sampai rumah... dah mandi ayer panas... dah rilek kan????

  2. Akak,
    haah,banyak betul orang tak berapa align semalam.1/10.Baru realise .Rupanya tarikh ada peranan kot.
    hari ni dah ok.Makan nasi gulai ketam dgn nenas buat semua stress hilang sekali.