Sunday, September 18, 2011

Up close and personal with charlie


I’ve never known him.Never knew too that he even existed.Not until last month when I saw the scars and the pain inflicted upon my dear.Such a tiny weeny creature could bring that much pain.Poor dearie son of mine.

Yesterday,I was up close and personal with charlie.Not the human kind.But that tiny weeny creature not much bigger than a rice grain.

We were greeted by a line of them up on the ceiling of the condo front door.The night before they could have flown and attracted to the light.


the bandar perda condo.The expansive padi fields surrounding it is the ultimate breeding ground for the pests.


the condo….beautiful but ….. .no thanks.

Mama had bought a danko elephant and plated it in the living room… demo how it should be done.And my amore should sleep in it to keep away the menace.But in a flick of a second there came a charlie and landed on the danko right in front of my eyes.

The little creature didnt seem horribly frightening.But after wikipediaing and googling about him and his atrocities brought goose pimples.We abandoned the plan for a night at the condo and put up in a hotel room in B’worth.

That afternoon we came back with plans.Curtains were put up.Gaps in the windows were filled up with whatever materilas at hand.Plastic sheets,celotapes and paper.Putting the wire mesh could be not done as it was difficult to .That could be done later.

We left the house feeling at least we had done something in this war against charlie.


at the guard house.

Reaching home at 8.00 ,cikli read the messages in his hp.

Had opened the lights to see if charlie could enter.Read the message.

Banyak la charlie.Depa boleh masuk! Came the voice over the phone.

Aduh…..menang lagi charlie dari manusia.

As usual the mama in me was worried.As charlie could cause harm even without stinging.Even its trail could be devastating.As its bodily fluid is the world deadliest venom… an article put it.Deadly than a cobra.

My only hope is to pray that dear son is safe.That charlie would not bring harm to him.

And the experience of up close and personal with charlie would be remembered for a long long time.


Yes,now, my feet is aching and itching.Hope thats not because of charlie.


  1. Mamason,
    Tak boleh panggil Rentokil ke? Cuma tanya di kedai hardware atau singseh, depa ada sejenis kapur yang dengan hanya torehan di dinding boleh menghalau semut. Esp tempat depa berkawad tu. purrr...meow!

  2. CFS

    Thanks for the suggestion.Tapi this insect ni lain sangat nampaknya.Katanya evolve dari zaman dinaosor lagi...tu yang scary mary.