Sunday, September 4, 2011

on the 6th day of eid, to PB we went.


At last we have the house to ourselves.And the time for ourselves.So a haha time for cikli and me.

Hmmm where do we go my sire asked .

Well, a visit to Pb would be fine. Thinking that the jolly makers from all over the country have made themselves scarce.

Oh ye,it was not to be.

My eyes feasted on out of town car plates bearing the letters C,W,J,K,B.

Woi ,besok tak kerja lagi ke? I wondered.

After a lunch of tomyam campur,plain rice,chicken stir fry and sambal belacan as well,we scoured the stalls selling the plastic bags which I had been eyeing to buy.

And these were my purchases:


A round green container for the old newspaper and a black and white bag for the teaching aids and record.

And from the corner of my eyes a familiar figure arrested my sight.

Hei! Thats Dee.Dee as in D . The Dee who acted in Jangan Ketawa Tv comedy series with Moon,long departed. -googled picture.

And cikli knew Dee from childhood.So we chatted for a while.


And after that, another 15 RM was for this jar of flowers .


And thats not all.Thinking of Charlie made me purchase this:




Bila agaknya the urge to splurge could be stopped.Belum raya beli,lepas raya pun dok beli.Joli jangan tak joli.Last last gigit jari.Tak ada nasi makan mee maggie.Ada siapa peduli?


  1. PB tu apa makcik? Parit Buntaq kah?

    Amboiii beg plastik macam zaman kita kecik-kecik dulu tu dah keluaq balik noo. Memang popular la ni. Ada sorang pakcik kawan saya, keja tukang masak. Merata jalan dok angkut beg tu, isi macam-macam perkakas. Cool!

  2. Mamason,
    Borong, jangan tak borong. Mama kita pun dok risau sebab belum redeem voucher MJ...nak beli hadiah untuk orang kawin dia kata. Ke, Mama nak beli baju lepas raya? purrr meow!

  3. Azie,
    PB is Padang Besaq.The northernmost shopping town before Thailand.
    Agak agak nya ada apa dalam beg pak cik tukang masak tu....pisau,senduk,lesong batu .
    Nostalgia tau beg ini.Rasanya masa makcik sekolah dulu duluuuu,pakai beg macam ni.Tapi buat dari rotan.Lucunya bila selalu terbalik.
    Selamat hari Raya.

  4. CFS,
    MJ? Michael Jackson or Maju Junction?
    Tell mama raya dah habis.Tak payah beli baju lagi.
    Selamat hari raya.