Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charlie charlie scary mary

Writing from this sanctuary ,

But the sounds of the air con fans made me feel like being on a ship…..cruising the wide endless sea.

Heee,dont you dare smirk…if you find my ideas jumpy.Plus edgy.

Really the sound of the endless buzzing of the air con might drive one crazy…..


It all started because of charlie.

Yes,the sight of charlies hovering the light made my straight hair curly.

And one tiny charlie had made me nervy.


So the idea of spending the night at the condo was forsaken.

Even with danko elephant.


Thus to butterworth we headed,

and at hotel Palma room 109 we bedded.

Me,cikli and wayne.

All because of tiny charlie’s pain.


Well if you dont know what its all about.

Dont fret.

As its better to be afraid .

Enough said….

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