Saturday, August 6, 2011

With songs they learn.

Rasa nak terguling guling saja bila lihat that SY show.Especially that part when he “translated” the songs into English.So jadilah:

Leg leg chicken.Neck neck chicken and much more of that freaking funny verses.

Into my eighth month of teaching the kids of SKRPB sans the missing placement of one month at the school with the Tengku.Never before had I seen such endearment to songs .The children were literally all over themselves when a lesson was inclusive of songs accordingly.

So from year one to three,whenever I entered the class,a multitude of songs ,rhymes and chants rang throughout the school.

It could be Lollipop,My Sunshine,the Bus or People work.

The song of How people travel round the world was sourced from a website and Miss Bess,a rhyme from the text.And from CD were the Lollipop and Sunshine.

And the pupils were excited to perform in front of the weekly assembly.

And what makes my day was when even the Pemulihan Group ,who were a reluctant lot to learn,sang their heart out …..and dancing to the song.

And one girl in Year three attracted my attention.She could follow the tune as in the song per se.An AF wannabe.Alas AF was not here to stay.

Well thats not the point.

The point is ….. English is fun .As the teacher is a funny .Lets join the fun.

Fun filled lesson is more memorable than learn learn learn.As SY would say:

Chicken ,all types of chicken

Village chicken,town chicken ……..hehe.Cluck cluck cluck.


  1. Assalamu'alaikum Cikgu...

    selamat berpuasa di hari ke 6 Ramadhan. Semoga cikgu sihat2 sahaja. :)

  2. Mamason,
    My Mama during her time, her teachers used songs to teach grammar. Mudah ingat dan melekat hingga sekarang! She can still remember the lyrics of some of them and cringe at the mistakes of the karaoke versions. purrrrr *giggles*

  3. kakcik,
    Selamat berpuasa kembali.Semoga kita dirahmati dalam bulan penuh keberktan.

    Yes,children learn fast the fun way.Terkejut mamason when they can learn the rhythm and lyrics in just a jiffy whereas it takes forever if its in plain language.