Friday, August 5, 2011

What’s up….catatan seminggu,


Its been day 5 of Ramadhan.

Everything is routine except for one morning.

It was a clear morning when I left home.But I was overcome with surprise when I reached the Jejawi –Long Boh traffic lights.

The once cool green morning has disappeared!

The scenic plain of padi fields was engulfed in a blanket of haze. So heavy was the haze that the visibility was a mere 30 metres . Driving on that day was a difficult and frightening experience. As you inched your way,you kept on thinking what lay ahead .And to make matter worse…there were drivers who didnt have any lights on.I nearly overtook a motorcycle not realising just in front was a big fat  lorry with an idiot for a driver.

The haze not only limited your visibilty but inhibit your breathing as well.The smoke ridden smelly haze made your eyes watery.And your clothes smell like smoked salmon hanging in the smoke room of tundra hinterland.

Hmm.Luckily it was just for a day.And I hope it will not return.


The children of SKRPB were as boisterous as they were before the fasting .They were as agile as they were before.Running and screaming during recess.Wonder where they got all the energy for that.But it was the reverse for the……poor soul.


Every other day,the children of no.7,would ring up to check what’s up here.And what we have for the breaking of the fast.Was it home cooked ?Or Param sourced food.


The furry kids of no 7 too were their normal selves. Mamajade led the little kids on the journey to the front of the house.And since then the unnamed kittens found their way to the front door.

As for Nina,she is one attention seeking cat.I saw him having a conversation with paen…in kitty language.

Thats all from the home front…..for my dear one who rang to know about home.Kesian tak dapat balik.

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