Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the mundane life of a working wife


The fasting month is here..Salam Ramadhan to all .Malaysia or all over the wide wide world.Be it in cosmo KL or remotest part of Afghanistan.

For the next 28 days or so ,I believe the routine of all of us,working women or not would be  greatly changed.

Oh well,

My morning started at 4.00 when the hp alarm clock would wake me up with:

Its 4.00 o’clock.Time to wake up.

Splashing cold water to the face might chase away the sleepy feeling but the body aches and cries “bed me please”.

So in a trance like state,mamason fried the chicken pieces and prepare the hot savoury gravy of sambal tumis. Cut the vege  to cook the dish of vegetable .


There goes my culinary skill of getting dishes on the dinner table at 4.00 in the morning

And after washing up all the dirty dishes and pans and pots,the clothes are singled out and tossed into the w.m.Mind you pockets got to be checked for shillings and pins and nails.


Floor got to be swept .Mopped .


Its time to dress up for work……….

Later, enters a half awake teacher into the class.

Stifling yawns in between .


  1. kaaan? yang bahayanya, takut tertidur masa drive pergi kerja! 1+27 more to go... we can do it, mamason! :)

  2. Yeay...Mamason the Supermom. Mama's routine: wake up at 5am, masak air. Pour sachet of instant mushroom/chicken/vege soup in mug, toast a piece of bread, one cup cappucino from coffee machine. Itu sahaja untuk sahur. No need to mop or sweep floor. purrr *giggles*

  3. Mamason
    Selamat menyambut Ramadhan. Lama tak komen kat sini cos I just can't. Bila guna my netbook, ada a few blogs I takleh nak komen langsong tapi bila guna hp, tetiba the system recognises my ID, sigh..letih gak nak tekan2 kibod cenonet nih.

    Anyway, I dah rasa kepayahan bekerja bila menyambut Ramadhan. Memang testing betul n I feel you (pulak2 kena mengajar .. Kena bercakap n berjalan seiring).

  4. KOG,

    Maaf bebanyak.lambat bebenau nak reply.Ada ada saja .( kesalahan grammar BM )
    Kesian kan dekat kita yang pikul dua tugas didua tempat berasingan.
    Kerja teaching ni perlukan semua anggota badan.
    Bercakap,berjalan,berkawad, dan segala ber lagi.itu yang kadang kadang macam robot saja.