Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where do I begin?


Well,well.After hibernating for almost a week from writing my thoughts ,here I am at it again.

Its been quite a week .Full of happenings until my kepala naik pening.

So where di I begin?


Hmm the school is still without her leader …I mean GB.  Wonder when they will be going to send one. It seems it takes time to get the right candidate for the post.And not without its bearucrazy ( mistake intended).

So at the moment SKRPB is running without a full fledged captain.And to add to its misery ,a teacher got a transfer notice out of the blue.All because of misplaced option.Biasalah.But with UPSR looming just round the corner,the out of the blue transfer notice do have an adverse effect on the pupils and the school.


The haze was here to stay for a few days.And thus I missed the scenery which I used to observe before.The sky was without its fluffy and flurry clouds.The sun was a big red ball in the distance.

And I missed Dello too.And the thought of finding him diminishes with each passing day…


  1. I really hope Dello would come home safe and sound.

  2. Please, in dello's case, get ready for the worst and hope for the best also..I ve been in that situation before and i know how you r feeling right now.

  3. Dellooooooo......come home purrrlease..... Well, you know what happened to my Mama when Angelina went missing.... har har har *sad laughs*

  4. Siti,
    Selalu ternanti nanti kalau kalau dia balik kembali ke rumah.Tapi dah hampir sebulan dia melancong.Lupa jalan balik kot.
    Hope he is well wherever he is.

    Dello sangat rapat dengan makcik dari kecil and I feel so down without him.Nak nangis rasanya.