Thursday, July 14, 2011

miss nina terrified


Since the wayfarer Dello made his disappearance,my notice fell on Nina…..that young kitty with that innocent look.

She knows that she could fill the space left by the cat that goes grrrrrrrrrrr.


I was amused by her this morning.


When the rest of the brood….Jade and her children,Ricci and Mok were barred from the house,Nina managed to get in.And by bedtime she snuggled by my side.

It was nearly six when the alarm went off.And then I heard a loud meowing from Nina.Her incessant mewing made me jumped from bed.

I saw Nina cowering under the cupboard.All eyes wide opened.She looked terrified of something.Her ears all upturned.

And when the alarm was silent ,she came out ,looking relieved.


Oooo Nina takut bunyi jam ya….kesian.

My poor little Nina is one easily terrified cat. She is afraid of noises.

Even the lorry with …..surat khabar lama …..surat khabar lama.


  1. dello tak balik lagi....tak pergi cari ker...atau maybe dia dah jumpa keluarga angkat yang lain kot...

  2. Alolo Miss Nina...scaredy cat! Macam Brad juga...hikhik. har har har *evil laughs*