Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hazy mornings in Perlis.


Its been more than a week this phenomenon  been happening. Before ,I used to be greeted by the vast expanse of the cool early morning scenery while driving along the meandering and bumpy country road. The sun in the distance is peeping in the horizon….getting ready to make her appearance in a short while.

I noticed for the past week ,the air is heavy and choked by the smokey haze.Blanketing the green fields in grey.Even the birds were not flying.And the flurry and fluffy clouds too were gone.

Driving down the winding road,I had to put on the lights.And this morning I had a narrow miss. That moron of a driver of that rickety car ahead of me didnt have any lights on.And I was just overtaking a motorcycle ,when I should thank my lucky star.

If not….mungkin dah kedebum kedebanggg.And getting a royal dunking in the river is an ordinary occurrence if you are not careful.Since travelling along this dreaded road,I came across a few cars landing in the river and padi fields.

Another sight that is making me heavy in the head were that in the petrol station.

The other morning I was puzzled by a car that took a long time to fill the tank.And I was more puzzled when I accidently glanced at the kiosk.

RM 300+ was seen on the meter! For a proton .Not even a Perdana.

And yesterday morning ,3 more cars were seen taking a long time to refill.

And a gruesome thought came to my mind….. these were literally molotov cocktails on the road.Afraid to think of the consequences in case of an accident.

May God spare us from becoming victims .I shudder .


  1. cikgu..
    sampai 300????
    besarnya tangki dia.....
    - tangki tambahan tu kotnya...

  2. rasanya dia sedut lebih dari itu. kalah lori tanker.

  3. tu rasa nya bukan untuk kegunaan sendiri tu..ada agenda lain tu...patut repot saja...