Sunday, July 17, 2011

the antics on nina lempoyang – she talks.


Nina the kitty cat is a cat of a different kind.

She talks.

Could take out the DVD recorder ,record it and upload it to you tube.

I noticed that her mewing is different from Ricci or Jade.

The trait in her was noticeable when she got hold of a crumpled piece of paper in her mouth.As if to warn that nobody should take away her treasure,she grumbles under her breath.

Mhuaaaaaaaaaaw……she cried.

It happened too when she got hold of that mengkarung. As she held the dead animal in her mouth,her voice was loud and clear.


She sounded the same when she wanted to retrieve the crumpled piece of paper that had rolled into the cupboard.


And this maghrib,she sat down quietly to wait for pakli to finish his maghrib prayer.For cikli had given her a stern warning not to disturb him when he is on the sejadah.

Duduk senyap senyap tau.


Jangan naik atas sejadah tau.


Jangan panjat atas abah tau.





So when cikli was saying his prayer,nina sat sprawled on the floor.Eying cikli’s movement from afar.And the moment cikli said his last rite,missnina sprang into action.


And Cikli followed her to the kitchen obediently.




  1. Typical girl! She's got Cikli wrapped around her dainty paws, eh? Pandai ambik hati tu. Just like Nikki and my Dad. In his eyes, that blue-eyed girl can do no wrong. Brad juga yang sering dipersalahkan. har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Nina, pandai ambik hati yer....