Saturday, July 16, 2011

the antics of nina lempoyang


Nina lempoyang.Thats a name I made of Nina the terrified.Why that goddamn name?Aje aje .

Nina is one scaredy creature.So penakut was she that you can see the terror in her eyes.

I knew she was afraid of the ringing sound of the alarm clock.So one fine day as she was lying on the cool terrazo floor,I tried to play antics on her.

Eeeeeeeew eoooooooow,kringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

Suddenly Nina jumped into the air and darted across the room to take refuge under the chair or carpet.She strained her neck to see what it was  all about.And I had a fun time laughing at her.


The other day,I called to her as she was half way into slumberland.


You know what her reaction was.You would not be easily taken into it.You say.

She charged at me and with all her might and slap me with her paw.

I was taken by surprise of her reaction.

Nina nina nina nina nina……………….

Again she jumped on me and with her little paw gave me a slap on the face.The she darted across the room.

I tried the joke on her again and again.Each time the result was the same.

haha……she’s one little cat that got to be reckon for. 


Well.thats not the only antics of nina lempoyang.


  1. cikgu...
    ingatkan nina manalah..
    nina yang pandai nyanyi tu ke...
    rupanya nina tu...
    cikgu suka main dengan kucing...
    saya pulak bela kucing, dah tak pernah main dengan kucing sebab nak main dengan aisyah pun masa tak cukup....

  2. Mamason
    Dello dah hilang? Dia cari awek kot?

    At last I am able to comment, tu pun guna hp pad yg kecik nih. If komen dari my notebook, it is just impossible. They dont recognise me x kira guna my own id or as anonymous.

  3. Akak,
    Cik Som,
    Hazel eyed.

    Thanks lots and lots for the comments.Nina and her antics macam pengganti Dello yang tak pulang pulang.

    Comment box blog ini pun selalu main aci lut.Tu yang kadang kadang commnet tertunda.