Monday, July 18, 2011

The antics of nina lempoyang – she reads.


Nina lempoyang has other antics beside talking in her language. She reads!

The other day,dearest brother cikwen,spread the neswpaper to read. As usual ,he likes to sprawl on the floor with the papers laid before him.

He was engrossed in the news when cheeky nina sprang from nowhere. She spread herself on the paper and refused to budge. Cikwen gave a flick on the ears but that little cheeky miss wont move.

Lalulah oghang nak baca ni.

The more the mrwen urged her to move away,the more she held to the paper.Jumping to catch the paper when it moves.

Finally,mrwen relented and let the cheeky little miss to have the news to herself.


And the final result was : …………………………………..more work for mamason to tidy up. Urrrrrgh.

baca paper

Mrdello too was an avid reader.Miss him enormously.

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