Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day ?


Its 18th June. And its a day for all fathers.Deserving or not.

My heart cries when I read about Jimmy in the Hiburan section of MM. Sedih.Persiapan yang dibuat untuk menyambut bayi yang bakal lahir walau hubungan dengan isteri tak menjadi.Tentu dia terbayang segala apa yang akan dilakukan bila telah menjadi bapa.

Ada juga isteri yang hati dah jadi keras dan membatu walau baru sangat gendang silat pengantin dipalu.Tiada maaf bagimu..

Oh well,who are we to judge into their affair ? kan kan.

Coming back to the issue of father’s day…..

Aku punya 2 orang lelaki yang mempunyai father figure  dalam hidup ini.Abahku dan suamiku.

My children are lucky children who have a father in cikli.I tell you they are damn lucky.Minus all those terpeleot sana sini,cikli is one father who care for his children.From infant,schooling,uni and until now.

And looking around…..its hard to find one like him.


Who tutor the children during their days of learning ABC.

Who would go that very night 90 km to and fro to find that book that the teacher wanted the next morning.

Who would iron the uniform every morning for his children

Who would send and fetch his children to and fro school,tuition  even uni.

Who would meet the teachers for report cards,PIBG,school shows.


Ahh there are hundreds  more to list… could go on and on.


Cikli ,you deserve the Father’s Day anugerah.

As for mine…. he had passed away.But despite the hardships that we went through,its the good things that you did that we will remember. Rest in peace ba.Alfatihah




Lagak engineer serba tahu

ni kereta saya.

Lagak usahawan berjaya


Lagak buah stroberi la pula!


  1. salam ziarah...

    btw, al-fatihah.......

  2. Honey,
    TQ for visiting my humble blog.
    Salam kenal.

  3. close to make niagara falls reading this, but aborted the action once i saw the last pic.
    MASTERPIECE!!ahahha lawak

  4. I was searching for that picture on the beach....lagi lawak.gambar yang main cak cak tu.