Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicken licken


When I was in primary, a story read and still etched in my memory was Chicken Licken. I could not be wrong if the story was about a hen who taught the sky was falling down because an oak had fallen on her head.She scuttled and sounded the alarm ….. alas I’ve forgotten how the story ended.

Story telling apart…

Its been day two of the new school semester.After a 14 days break ,had quite a rough time garnering my strength and the attention of the mischievous 7-9 years brats.Ooops pupils.

Noticed that all the boys in year 2 spending their money on art paper which would then be turned into paper planes.The whole bunch would fire the missiles into their opponents  side.I dont know if I was being chicken licken in foreseeing an eye being blinded by that inoffensive looking paper darts.Being a disciplinarian ,I confiscated the papers and warned the pupils of the possibilities.But no sooner I turned my back,there goes another plane.

Adoi, murid sekarang…

Tomorrow the inspectorates will be coming down to school.Biasalah.

But the aftermath of what conjured  today had the chicken licken in me foretelling:

Langit nak runtuh!

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