Monday, June 20, 2011

Andai di langgar lalang sehelai

That day at the foodcourt of Tssssco,I slurrrrped on a cupful of thick nescafe.The mee udang was agreeable to my taste and finished the plateful without any comment. Its usual for me to give my verdict on the mee being served.

Tak sedaplah.

Kuah tawarlah

Tak sama macam JPLlah  sampai cikli pun terkejut kalau mamason tak bagi komen.


Returning from the shopping spree,it was past eleven.I had put out the food in their places and later had the laptop on.So engrossed was I surfing and blogging that I missed my midnight call.Sleep before 12.

So…. I was tossing and turning until past 2. My eyes refused to rest,so did my mind.

So what did the old dame did at 2 in the wee hour of the morning?

Exercise?Read a book?

No…..I opened the fridge and took out the box of leftover KFC.And at 2 I had a meal of KFC!

And I didnt know when exactly I went into slumber.

Before 6,the alarm went off. Dragging my tired limbs I got ready to school.

It was Monday and at the assembly,I felt the ground opening and swallowing me up.I steadied myself when the songs were being sung.Kalau tidak mahu jatuh ke longkang.Baru jadi kongkang.

And having 3 classes of Eng for yr1,2 and 3 was a taxing task. I nearly collapsed even if  a lalang was to strike me down.

BUT ….. mamason persevere.And now I am blogging wide and clear.haha.

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  1. Mamason,
    You're just like my Mama on a Monday morning. purrr....meow!