Sunday, May 8, 2011

The wedding


The other week in conjuction with the Lab.Day hols mamason and cikli took to the wheels.South bound to KL.The reason: A wedding invitation to attend.

It was the wedding of cikli’s cousin ,an engineer .The family are from Penang and Kedah.Jadi orang utara lah mereka. Cat from Sydney pun attended a wedding yang berorang utara.Agak agaknya same wedding kot.Tapi kalau pergi kenduri bertempat di Comunity Hall Danau Kota…..sahih orangnya and if its on Monday the 2nd of May.Lagi sahih.

Its a simple wedding,tak la elaborate dan mewah mewahan sedangkan bapa pengantin juga seorang engineer.I like the simplicity but the food is tasty and we have generous helping with the portions served.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         cikli’s family

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           suap menyuap


PakNdak and MakNdak ….. congrats .

Coming back after the many stopover and nap over we reached home nearly midnight.

Tired.I stumbled to sleep.

As usual that common question was asked over and over and over again.

Isssssh .

And I answered with a Coming Soon answer.

Well how soon?

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