Monday, May 30, 2011

perils from the fields


I was nearly knocked out when a whiff of noxious smell engulfed the whole class.

The teacher hold her nose and frantically tried to find some tissues to stuff her nostrils from that pungent gas.

Tears were welling in her eyes. The same happened to the children.Some were having difficulty holding their breath.

Ehh apa busuk ni…..the teacher and her pupils cried in unison.

Bau racun lah cikgu….a bright student volunteered the answer.


Pak cik bapa  X…… dok spray racun  kat bendang seberang jalan.


The next day ,that  same pungent smell was noticed at the canteen

Orang MADA racun ban.


I was told before that this is what to be expected teaching here.Kalau semput,alamat bertambah semputlah kerana aktiviti meracun dan membaja.

Tapi kan boleh saja kerja kerja meracun dan membaja dijalankan selepas sekolah atau hari sekolah cuti.Ini masa anak anak sedang belajar.

I feared to think of the consequences of being subjected to these poisons.

Especially the children.

Hai tu belum lagi kerja kerja membakar ,membajak dan menuai.


Hope that PIBG could find a solution to this matter.Or a call to MADA perhaps could lessen these problems.

In my old school,I brought out the subject matter to the authorities and parties concerned.Dan sedikit sebanyak the farmers realised that they were poisoning their own children by indiscriminately spraying weed killers and fertilisers during school hours.

Tu kan anak cucu mereka juga.



Dan mungkin,kemungkinan gambaran ini berlaku akibat racun dan baja memang ada

Juga benar,sometimes yang cantik dipandang mata ,belum tentu mendatangkan bahagia.The beautiful scenery here has danger lurking every nook and corner.

Macam kahwin orang cantik….banyak bahayanya tau!

Dah dah ,merepek ke situ pula mamason pagi pagi ni.

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