Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life in the fast lane.


Where everything is fast.Zupppppp ………hari ini dah jadi kelmarin. Minggu depan dah jadi tahun lepas.Pejam celik pejam celik masa beredar begitu cepat.

Just the other day I was learning the ABC of the computer.Inserting a floppy disc after another just to boot it.Memorising the codes to get the correct command. Then dussssssssh…..its no more. Just a touch of the button its there. House no 7 join the band wagon of savvy computer owners by getting our first Wearne .But relying on the seller to maintain it soon see the untimely demise of the machine.Bye Wearne. You squeezed us of our hard earned money mounting nearly 5k but the service rendered was wanting.

Then we progressed to other brands…Acer,Compaq,that Korean brand for Aten.It could be ten or more.Either it be original or reconned or conned.hehe.

Now even this Acer seemed out dated. Heavy to lug around. Am contemplating getting that smaller netbook .But after an afterthought…. what for? Buang duit adalah.Bukan mamason nak round the world. So until this laptop kesayangan ana masih bernafas…..kaulah yang ku sayangi.Kan kan Mr Presario CQ.

Ehhh what’s that smell?

Kui kui…… dapur ku da …..Eh kalau boleh di command…Dapur tutup dari ruang depan tak payah mamason kena berlari ke dapur. Or periuk masak ….tak perlu mamason berhenti menaip.

Or kain lipat !

Hasil dok mengajar cerita The Magic Porridge Pot …….. hhaha


  1. Really..sometimes we just craze thousands items to purchase..but whether we really need to? Akak pun mcm2 items ada dlm kepala hotak ni tapi dok pertahan sebab its better to save for rainy days..

  2. Marina,
    Dan rainy days tu selalu jadi masa kita bertambah tua.Dan lagi malang bila payung pula tiris sana sini.Sedihkan.