Friday, May 27, 2011

The answer is …..


The exams over and now is the time for the teachers to mug and mull over the answers given .

Sometimes you have a good time correcting and scoring the answer scripts but there were times when you feel like knocking your head against the wall.

OMG ……What have the children learned?

or sadistically……. What have I taught them all these while?

I squirmed when I saw the questions set for year one.Kemon ….ala ala Jambu ML …. do you expect year 1 students in the first half of the year able to string sentences even with given words.And memo the parts of the body down to the thigh and toe.


Do you expect students of year 1 to be able to unscramble the spelling of the days when in their syllabus its the sound of aeiou that they are learning.

Well they may know how to spell mop,pot,tin pin.

And I would not expect the 29 students even to pass.

Teaching them for a month and 5 units to cover with days of holidays in between ,what do you expect?

I dont have a magic wand to say :

Learn,children learn.


Class should be full of fun

With songs,chants and puns

But with lots of tests and exams

PBS,Mid Year and what not

Could make Ali feels ….it rots.


Maybe I’m not a good teacher,after all.

The score would be tabulated and wired to JPN high and tall.

Keeping my fingers crossed if any officer would come a calling.

Why aaaa ya school got lots of failin'.

What have ya been teachin'


  1. Mamason
    Am here after MIA for a few days. Dah katam all your previous entries sambil senyum kambing sorang2.

    Anyway, I rasa sedih juga bila budak2 tu tak faham apa yg diajar. Darjah 1-6, I sekolah Melayu and maybe my persekitaran dapat membantu minat belajar dgn gigih subjek English. Wallahualam..

  2. Omg so true! I have been asking my seniors lately how is their students doing in classroom, n most of theor answer will be,'they will learn better if they are better assisted and assessed. U see, they want to see good results but they let go the responsibility of seeing the progress of the students.. Such a waste.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Ciksom,
    TK kerana khatam entries merapu saya. Dan agak agak senyum kambing tu part mana ya.

    Thanks for reading .Harapan makcik Izzi and gang akan jadi pendidik yang cekal...cekal menghadapi berbagai perubahan atas nama pembangunan.

    Concerning tests and much need to be desired.