Thursday, April 28, 2011

With lots of love


The English lesson yesterday was on making bday cards. Had the children addressed them to anybody they would like.And the list went on like this :




                                 teacher …….haha.

This morning in their English lesson once again,I collected the cards .And among the many cards made were these that make my heart full of sunshine today.

The greetings that were received via SMSes and calls too make my day.

Would like to express my thanks to uncle Lee,Pn Nora,ciksom,adik nakal si bujal X. and my children.

Tapi kan cikli lupa terus that yesterday was my bday. Old mind for sure.Tak apa mamason tak merajuk…

Oops….. talking about old minds…. did a silly thing today.Let the tongue run faster than the mind.Huh tentu oghang fikir mamason ni entah apa apa.Adui….tu la berdiam lebih baik dari bersuara.

Teringat orang orang premium ..Was wondering whether old minds are free minds.Tak faham?

Wikipidea mungkin boleh beri jawapan.

photo googled

Always wonder whether I could reach this stage .Heard so many sad stories lately that befell friends that I know.And they were the ones that I always see  as fortunate. But then,who are we to predict the future.

Que sera sera.

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  1. Mamason,
    So you are one year older
    Making you wish you were a year younger?

    Yes you are one year older
    It's OK as long as there's no Alzheimer!

    Happy Belated Birthday! Ada masak pulut kuning ke? purrr....meow!