Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singing Happy Bday to me


By the strike of twelve …..

Alhamdullilah….I was given the chance to grace this world for 21 + 37 years.

Looking back…..never thought that I could live this long.Lead this life.Amin.

And the wishes I do wish:

….May God grant our wishes that we have fervently ask.But top of the list :Semoga anak anak berjaya dunia dan akhirat.Dalam kehidupan berkerjaya dan berkeluarga.Semoga  semua berada dalam keberkatan.Dilindungi ,disayangi,dihormati……

haha…coincidentally the topic for my teaching for this week is Happy Birthday.Have the children listen to b’day songs and designed cards as well.Among the pupils was one who wrote:

Happy Birthday teacher ……..with a picture of a cake .

Alas, could have brought a cake to class to share with them.

But the mood was dampened when somebody from JPN chose today to inspect the school….the reason : UPSR 2010’s result.Being in a below average school,there would be people who would visit now and then.Memantau.Memeriksa itu ini.

The result : How could I help with the Yr.Six.

Dan mamason pun hampir lemas dengan Yr.One.Sejujurnya I salute teachers who teach Yr One year in year out.They have the patience of steel.

And I’m made of jelly.

NB…..picture less day….internet kaput.


  1. Hello Mokjadeandell, many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
    Wishing you many, many more birthdays to come, with lots of good health, laughter and sunshine.

    A birthday is just another 365 day trip round the sun.
    So put on your designer sunglasses, enjoy the trip.
    You have a beautiful day, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards from a gentleman across the seas,

    ps. You are now at the prime of your life, the best is still to come. And people at this beautiful age have a glow in their hearts.

  2. Mamason

    Happy birthday to you from all of US .. the 2-legged n the 4-legged ones, hehe.

  3. Salam,
    Let me join your students in wishing you "VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TEACHER MAMASON" Have nice day!

  4. selamat harilahir makcik~~~semoga yang baik2 sentiasa rapat dengan makcik~~

  5. Uncle Lee'
    TQ so much for the most inspiring words and well wishes.What more coming from over the oceans and someone like you....felt so great.

    May you too be endowed with all the great things and moments in your life.
    Do convey my regards to Mrs.Lee.

  6. Ciksom,
    TQ so much.Alas the 4 legged friends have yet to wish their mama.Nina went missing since yesterday.Miss her wark,warking every morning.

  7. Kakcik
    TQ so much.With all the happenings around us,we never knows what in store for us the next year.And treasure we must all the good wishes that we got.

  8. Bujal,
    Minta minta tu begitulah selalu.Yang tak baik tu pi la main jauh jauh.
    Anyway,TQ Tq tq .