Friday, April 22, 2011

A picture tells a thousand words


In any organisation,there would be many activities to be organised throughout the calendar year.

And in school,PIBG meeting is one that should be looked into before April.So is prize giving day

Dan berserta PIBG meet adalah penyampaian hadiah utk kecemerlangan tahun 2010.Its late but never never.

So yesterday,SKRPB was a flurry of activities with boria,nasyid ,speeches ,tokoh this and that and that never to be missed ….makan makan.

Mamason was put in charge of the matter of the stomach .So early in the morning we had the breakfast packet distributed.Feel like feeding a hungry bunch of baby birds.These girls and boys could have skipped breakfast in their eagerness to come to school for the event. And the curry puff and doughnut were well received.Menteri kesihatan tentu berkerut dahi as the menu is not that befitting the list suggested.Anyway,the mineral water is not sweet.

Later,the lucky draw … hmm no luck.

We ended the day with laksa and nasi bergulai udang rebung.With ulaman and sambal belacan.Yummm.

A picture tells a thousand words.Alas mamason’s loyal Olympus was lying in the drawer as such none could be snapped.

Next in line is the English Competition.Hope mr olympus would not be left in the comfort of the drawer again.For this might be the last English Competition mamason is training her kids.Cos she might be too old for all these. Singing,dancing out of tune. hehe.


  1. Mamason,
    Yeah...poor Mr Olympus. And don't forget to charge the battery too. purrr....meow!