Sunday, April 3, 2011

Operation rescue…. 2


The other day,I saw jade looking restless,mundar mandir depan belakang.Miiieow ,miiieow suaranya memanggil anak anak.

Jade cari apa?

Jade menggesel kakiku seperti meminta dikasihani. . My motherly instinct knew that Jade was searching for her kids.

I called out : Nina  ….Ricci

I could hear something on the ceiling.Fetching the aluminium ladder ,I had it underneath the trap door of the ceiling.

I climbed up to see if the two scoundrels were trapped there but it was Mok.Nina and Ricci were no where to be seen.

I had not even touched the ground on my way down the ladder when Dell rushed up.Like a flash he was on top of the ladder.Next was Jade following suit. It was as if they did not believe me and had to check for themselves!



Later pakli joined in the mission to find the kids.The water is still ankle deep and the drains near the house are still brimming with water.

NINA ….nina cit cit cit

RICCI …meow meow


Cikli called out.He was astonished to see both kittens on top of the roof of my neighbour’s house.How those two kids ended up on the roof puzzled me. Armed with a can of sardine and the long ladder,cikli began his mission.Operasi Selamat.

Nina was easy to rescue but Ricci was a meak one. He was afraid to go down the roof.I think cikli must have been on the ladder calling to him for half an hour. Haha…neighbours and passers by stopped to see what the din was about.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Nina ….cheeky little kitten.

Ricci …. penakut rupanya.

But cikli was the hero of the day!

Mamason tak ada modal ke nak tulis sampai  tulis bab operasi in 2 instalments

Jawab mamason : Banyak.Tapi ini yang paling mamason suka.Especially that part played by Dell and Jade.






  1. Mamason,
    Kalau ada video recording of the rescue op mesti lagi gamat! Boleh menonton anak-beranak nanti. Lagi meriah dari AF pastinya! purrr....meow!

  2. Cat,
    Maybe someday I would make a movie of them.Boleh box office kaedahnya.Kalah semua Hollywood,Bollywood products.kan