Saturday, April 2, 2011

Operasi selamat


They were lazing around sometime ago.Those two rambunctious kids were playing hide and seek,teasing each other to their heart contents. Now,they were no where to be seen.I was petrified that they might fall in the water and be washed away.

I asked Dello,the brother but his answer was just grrrrrrrrrrrr.I asked pakmok and as usual he gave me a blank stare.

Udahlah …tak boleh harap langsung 2 ekor ni.Baik aku tanya mamason:

Mamason,my kids are gone.Couldnt find them.Did you happen to see them?

Mamason craned her head and heard some soft mewing.She knew where the kids were.

And immediately she got into action.She carried a ladder …a long one and opened the trap door on the ceiling.


I climbed on the ladder ,followed by Dell but the kids were nowhere to be seen.

I then asked pakli :

Pakli,Nina Ricci gone. Please find them.

Pakli immediately went into action.He hollered the kids names as I watched from the distance.

Mieeeow,mieeeow…..came the sound from the rooftop.OMG both Nina and Ricci had climbed on top of the roof.

Pakli got the ladder and tried to coax the kids down.He showed them the tin of sardine,their favourite. Nina obediently came down and was rescued .But Ricci was afraid of the male cat that had crept behind him.He retreated further .


I held my breath when pakli climbed the roof to get hold of Ricci.

Syukur….both the kids got to safety.Thank you pakli.Love you.You are my superman.


muka inesen nina.



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