Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The last day


Today is the last day.The last  day that the numeral on the right hand side of the figure stood unchanged for the last 365 days.Come tomorrow it will grow bigger.And another 364 and a quarter day the numeral on the left side will automatically change to a bigger number.

Seemed complicated yeah?

Ok simply put:

Today is the last day I was older by a year since last year.

Still complicated?

Tongue twister and mind blooper aside……

Hmmmm,26/4 comes and go.But that wretched moments when I sat hands clenched and jaws tightened could never be erased from my memory.Those few minutes that were the worst moments in my life.Never been in a situation that was so intense and difficult.Arrrrrgh.

Been training the children for EW. As in any competition,its natural if the chosen few were from the cleverer pupils.So those mediocre and pemulihan students would be seated aside. It  crossed my mind that these children were also  eager to shake the stage if given the chance.So today,after training the school team,I switched on the music and invited the lesser group to the floor.

The children rushed to the front of the class,formed a line and danced and sing to music.And they were oblivious to the mistakes in pronunciation and enunciation.Tears were welling in my eyes to see these unfortunate souls dancing and singing their hearts out.Ah….those children could be me years back down memory lane.Always left aside and ignored because I have nothing to offer.

Yes,a pat on the shoulder means a lot .To a kid with disability and a kid with little self confidence………


Was intrigued by this docu on Natgeo……it goes to show that whatever our standing in society of the world,the belief we have of ourselves rules above others.

Would be happy if I could view the show again for I only get a simple gist of the story.


  1. teringat this quote- we can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by...

    eh, err, happy birthday mamason!

  2. KOG
    As I had been that,I tried sometimes to pull those students into the mainstream.
    Yang cantik,bijak ramai sangat dah yang beri perhatian.
    Rasa betul betul berjaya bila anak anak ini menunjukkan kemajuan.

  3. Happy birthday in advance mummy!!

  4. Dear Mama, Happy Birthday to you. I love you to the bits,and sad I can't be around you during your bday. But you're always dear to my heart and prays.I look forward to seeing you next week,really miss you,Ma. May Allah bless you with good health (strong knee is a must, so you don;t have to sit on that blue stool whenever it's prayer time :P) I miss talking to you after solat, discussing our personal views on personal lives - okay,we talk 24/7,i know.
    Please doa for me that i'll do good for this final. Will call you tomorrow,promise.
    Love,love,love you..hugs!

  5. Ehem...is someone's impawtant's birthday coming soon? Or is it gotcha day? Anyway, many happy returns of the day. purrr....meow!