Sunday, April 17, 2011



I took the eggs from the fridge.Cracked two of them and poured them into an oiled pan.Intending to have them for breakfast.

The content of an egg has turned into a popsicle.While the other turned watery and runny.Anyhow,I proceeded to cook them.

Before placing them in my mouth ,I had a second thought.Why is this egg different from the other eggs that I used to cook.The texture,the colour ,even the taste seemed a bit funny.

The hoo haaa about the fake eggs which surfaced recently came to my mind.

I had second thought about having them for my breakfast.

I washed them down the drain instead.I was was was of the eggs.

Hai apalagi yang tak jadi source of exploitation for quick get rich schemes.Easy money.


We are practically living in the world of fakes surrounding us.

Fake LV,fake medicines,fake branded articles,fake love,fake MCs,fake doctors,fake CDs .You name it,we got it.

Dan kali ini fake eggs pula .



Agak agak tak lama lagi ,kita berselisih,berinteraksi dengan fake human beings.

But getting to know people who are great fakers are what we use to have. Sweet and innocent but the source of your nightmare and sorrow.Huh.

People who use your words against you.

People who like to say : Ehhh bukan saya yang kata. Mamason yang kata. Mamason katakan blablaba. Contoh saja tau


Ehhhh apa pula mamason dok repek ni? Just a reminder to dear children…..bila berkawan .

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  1. they had conducted sample test from those eggs confiscated from penang market.but the found nothing fake about the egg.

    hehe..mama dah rugi dua bijik telur.ruuuugiiii