Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be my sunshine,anyone?

After much frowning,frustrating,worrying and surfing,at last I made the choice.Never felt a task so big as this.

To train 8-9 yrs old pupils singing and dancing to music.

Finally ,I stopped at these 3 : wheels on the bus

                                               You are my sunshine


Having nay a skill in music and dancing I nearly came to the point of not sending a team to that English Day Competition ,District level which is to be held next week.

But not sending a team would be frowned upon and the school labelled as so and so.You know.

To make matter worse,the school is having this prize giving day/PIBG meet this 21st. So most teachers energy would be channeled to this .Worst still,able bodied teachers were bundled off to one course or another.In fact nearly half of the staff were away this week.

Oh yes,its the students’ eagerness that fuelled me. Those innocent faces digesting the lyrics which is quite a task for them.Dan seorang dari mereka adalah that machine padi boy.Puas tadi dia menunjukkan skill bershuffle dengan lagu sunshine……boleh ke nak guna…takut against the rules.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         part of the sunshine team

A year one girl gave me the dance steps and an ustaz provided ideas for the costumes and actions.Another helped to get the music done.

Hope by tomorrow the pupils could memorise the songs and by next week all creases ironed out.

And SKRPB could present a decent team to the competition.Mungkin hasil kerastangan mamason yang terakhir dalam perguruan.

Issssh.Kalaulah mamason tice Shida ,tentu tak loghat.Begheh semua.Petik jari semua jadi.hehe.


  1. Mamason,
    My Mama said this English Day thingy reminds her of her primary school days. Because of her command of the language, she was always roped for something - drama, story telling, choral recitation, choir, endless..... And it didn't stop when she went to secondary school. purrr....meow!

  2. saya suka lagu ur may sunshine~~~jom nyanyi sama2 makcik?he~~

  3. mamason: jgn lupa shortlist prop2 tu dulu...next week leh start dah buat prop..hehehhe bersemangat tuh...good job mamason...;)jgn next week ada yg kena kursus pulak sudah la..huhuhu haru nanti...

  4. Cat:
    Ask mama what costumes she got to wear then.My akak got that robot costume from a box.How she cried.It was her kindy time.

  5. Bujal,
    That tune ...follows me wherever mamason goes...
    You are my sunshine..my only sunshine.

    Having people like you around ,a tough job would be easy.
    Berkat kerjasama ,kita boleh.