Sunday, April 3, 2011

The AF story –my perspective

Watched the much hyped reality show Akademi Fantasia on and off.On when I sat on the couch and off when I busied myself doing something else but the ears all trained to the idiot set.

AF is in its final year and this is the last season.Whence previously I would drop everything else to pay attention to the show,tonight I couldnt do so.I yawned all throughout the 2 hours show even though it was Aznil’s comeback.Had AF lost its charm.To me .

Only the last performer managed to catch my attention with his show. Whilst the others had got to have much grinding and polishing.But the dresses worn by the gals had me appalled.I always had a dislike for that sleazy ultra tight legging .More so if the flesh were crying to come out.Forgive me.


Remembered the day when AF was in its second season.I really liked those students.They have talent and creativity especially that guy …..adus lupak pulak namaknya.La yang nyanyi lagu hattan tu.

Maybe ,age has got something to do with my perspective.

Tapi ingat sangat tok ton suruh anak cucunya undi Mawi!

But Mawi World is a phenomenon.Right?

Like Scotty Mc apa entah . Am into AI more because of him.

Tentu ada yang dok kata: Tua tua pun minat hiburan.

Hmm this my reply:

Mujur tak gemar gutter politic!


  1. Saya pun dah tua gak, ada masa2 minat gak hiburan. (sama, tak minat politik).

    Saya hanya pernah tengok AF masa musim 7 (Hafiz juara). Sebelum/selepas langsung tak pot.

    Apapun, dunia realiti ni banyak warnanya. Sekurang2 ada la peluang utk yg berbakat. Cuma yang tak berbakat, takyah la nak try, ramai meluat tengok yg paksa diri utk jadi berbakat.

  2. Betul sangat ....Hard work and no play,makes a dull day.Kena juga cari hiburan....kalau tak mau jadi biol = likul.