Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maksom,happy bday


Could I forget when years ago,you acted in that drama .You were Maksom.

Could I forget when years ago you sang and you danced .Oh the dance was so lovely that people didnt believe it was my daughter’s dancing.Your story telling was aired over radio Kangar.

But you were upset when your mama didn't approve you singing in the talentime contest.And again when you were denied your chance of being a prefect.

Oh mama was such worrier….worried that you couldnt cope with your UPSR.

How wrong I was.Cos it wasnt just exam result that makes a person.Its also how you persevere in times of troubles. And you have stood strong in times when others would sink.

Dearie amor,

Had love you and will always love you and on this day I would like to wish you:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only  olin.

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  1. this is when a birthday becomes a meaningful moment, wish pondered by a meaningful person.i love you mommy