Monday, March 14, 2011

bila tangan digoncang


Seems like ages since I last penned my thoughts and observations.Actually there were like thousands of stories to be told.Hehe.

Saturday 12 …. the cikli’s brood except for that reclusive paen , made our way to Sunway Convention Centre in Prai for a wedding.Bedecked in the newest and glamorous attires and bling bling..hiks …we started our journey from Kangar at 4.30 and arrived at the place at 7.00 plus.

Datuk and Datin were at the door when we reached there with dresses wet by the rain.(awatlah tak park dalam pakli oi).Dahlah tu puas melintasi segala kedai yang dok tayang SALES merata rata.Nampak Carlo Rino,Guess dan ramai lagi dok menggamit gamit.

The wedding graced by the Governor of Penang went well and the food was ok.The bridegroom was cikli’s cousin and the bride our TPM’s niece.Comel .


We bade goodbye to countless uncles,aunts,cousins when the wedding feast ended.Tu pun selepas puas sesi gambar bergambar.And when we made our way to the car,lights were shutting on us. Walking past the darkened shops had me clutched my bag tighter. Manalah tau kan!

Arrived at our pit stop at 2.30 am.

Tapi cerita sedih seorang bakal pengantin menghantuiku.Buatku merumuskan:

Jodoh mu hanya jodohmu hanya selepas tangan digoncang.Not even a minute before that.Not even a second!


Gambar atas gambar.Semoga kedua dua pengantin berjaya mengharungi badai dan ombak perkahwinan dengan jayanya hingga keahkir hayat.Selamat pengantin baru Fikri and Zuhaira.

To dear uncle and aunt ….Tahniah .

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