Sunday, February 27, 2011

Learn unlearn relearn …contract teachers.

What a weekend! From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon I was holed up in one of the hotels in Alor Setar.Got to attend the MBMMBI course for contract teachers North Zone comprising of Perlis,Penang,Kedah and Perak.

Guess what….katapun retirees.Maka berkampunglah pakcik makcik datuk nenek disana tersengguk sengguk dari 8.00 pagi hingga 10.00 malam mendengar ceramah after ceramah.No, no . All the makcik pakcik tidak pun tersenggok senggok malah penuh semangat untuk learn unlearn relearn pedagogi dan dasar dasar baru KPM.

Combing through the list of names ,I was quite disappointed that none of the names of the participants rang a bell.So I was expecting to see no one whom I know.Tapi kan kuasa tuhan.As I stood  in front of the room for that ice breaking session, one of the penceramah stood up and said my name.She was my course mate  to Moray House was none others than cheerful Chet.After nearly 20 years .

It was gratifying to say that I learned a lot during that course.My questions on KSSR was answered but all of us were a bit down when new clauses to our syarat perkhidmatan  were announced.Especially regarding the perks.

All in all this is among the courses that I had attended where participants were cheerful,cooperative,happy throughout the sessions.I gained knowledge as well as new friends which we hope to keep in touch.

The sajak by Mr Perumal was so apt to our concerns as contract teachers.Alas I didnt have the time to jot down the wordings.

Mr.Perumal had his sajak in Malay.And mamason tentu tak terdaya nak karang macamnya.


  1. lama dah ni tak balik alog staq! Baca entry ni teringat nak pi sana balik...dulu ada sekali masa time cuti sekolah saya pi dating kat Ros Restaurant...hahahahah! Masa form 3 tahun 83!!!!

  2. Hahaha...cikgu kena masuk kelas balik? purrrr....meow!