Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life on the fast lane…

As early as 6.45 mamason is already behind the wheels.The other day,her mind was too preoccupied on matters..personal and otherwise that she took a wrong u-turn and ended in another school.And for that she was late to school.
Teaching wise is quite a breeze but the task of going up the stairs is taking a toll.And talking to a hundred students each day could make the voice as hoarse as a horse…Neighhhh.
Mamason was weighing whether to fly or not to KL to see her dotter but the forms and requirements had to be looked into first. Completed and sent to Pnmilah of KPM.And today she managed to get everything through.Nak termun….dah tengok borang borang yang beragam dan kesana sini untuk jumpa orang itu orang ini.At last it  was safely in Poslaju and destined for Putra jaya latest Monday..good riddance.
Everything is moving fast .It was already a week mamason was at work.Hope she could brave the other puluh weeks.hehe.
But a question came to her mind.
Kerja di usia ni  untuk siapa ? Why ?Tak cukup ke duit pencen ?
Entahlah labuuuu.
Life or living on the fast lane really is a test.Endurance test.

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