Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its play time



My two little brother and sister are two little rascals.They never tire themselves .Always having some fun time among themselves.


Well,as far as Dell could remember,I dont have anybody to play with.All my brothers were gone .Leaving me alone as the only child.So all I could do was play by myself.And I bond with mamajade.Thats why I love my mama very much.To the consternation of papamok.

I realised that kids grow too fast .The other day they were two little pink creatures with closed eyes and pink noses.Today they outgrew that.They are now bigger and more agile.And they sheee and ooo oooh like they pleased.Well,mamason could not take it anymore.Even more so is papali as they like to do their business under papali’s bed.Much to my disgust as I never do that. Ya,I do all my things in the toilet.

So now they are barred from the house.But you know what? Every now and then they came to the front door begging to be let in.They travelled from the back door to the front door which is quite a distance.Their shrill voices made papali relented and let them in. No sooner than that,they scampered under the bed to ooo oooh again.Little rascals.

Thats why they are now at the back yard again.Padan muka.



  1. A delightful post with heart-melting pics! Thanks!


  2. Salam,
    So sweet of you to drop a line in my comment box.The kittens are adorable and their antics are therapeutic to watch. Love them.
    Good day.