Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3- she aint heavy,she’s old

It was day three of school day. Could feel the little stabbing pains in the legs.Took a tablet of Pharmaton to vitalise the energy.

Took a walk round the school buildings and eventually arrived at BOSS.Got hold of tr.copies .It was a pity that all special rooms were destroyed in the recent flood as such couldnt find any teaching aids.In fact all rooms were still under re construction.Dont know how long it will take to get everything spick and span.

Trs were still busy collecting school fees and setting up their classrooms. Salute to 3B class as the teacher has decorated the room nicely while a number has yet to start.

Cikgu..mak kirim salam.A few students came up to me telling me that their mothers and fathers know me.

And I felt like in the air when someone remarked: Kak kuat lagi ,boleh mengajar.Badan pun maintain.Ewah.Ya la I could still wear the old baju kurung so tak payahlah beli baju baru walau dah ada jurujual datang .Cantik cantik pula kain yang dibawa.

Today,Mok became a hero as he was intoduced to the class when teaching  “My pet”.The pupils were thrilled to see Mok pic in rompers…... Pernah kami bawa siput babi ke kelas untuk kajian dulu dulu.And the next morning ,the snail was found on the ceiling of the class.Could try bringing Mok next time.Agak agak macamanalah lagaknya dia when he goes to school.


  1. Dell: Nak bawa Mok aje? What about me?
    Mok: Ish...budak-budak duduk rumah aje lah.

  2. Kita buat giliran .Minggu ni Mok ,nanti lain kali Dell,Jade and the babies.Adilkan!