Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 - The introduction

It was day two.A Tuesday.The day started as early as 5.00 when I woke up from the not so tight sleep.Hit the road as early as 6.45 to avoid congestion and arriving late at school.Reached school a little after 7.00.

At the assembly ground ,the children squatted on the tarmac for a briefing by the tic and head of school. A little bit malu le bila the head introduced me as the former GB of a cluster school.

The strain from ascending and descending the flight of stairs is having a toll on me. Could feel the pain .Dont know whether could stand all these for a long time.Anyway,am making plans to alleviate the matter.If worse comes to the worst ,7 days are all thats needed to say ……enough ,sayonara.

Love teaching the children as the response given was good except for a few rambunctious boys.Discipline them and everything will be in place.

Ah..if only my trove of teaching aids had not been destroyed ,teaching would be a bliss. Washed by the floods,I have to start all over again.And I need to start asap.Playing cards,bingo,pictures,figurines …were all gone.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Salam Mamason, try using knee guard, kat pharmacy ada jual. Bila pakai rasa selesa dan kurang sakit..InshaAllah

  2. Marina,
    Thank you so much for the suggestion.Akan cuba dapatkan.