Monday, January 3, 2011

All new …get set go.

Selamat pagi cikgu….the children of 3B greeted me in unison as I entered the classroom.30+ girls and boys sheepishly eyed the middle aged maam dressed in a red kurung .

Its the first day of school.Clocked in and was handed right away the timetable and the teacher’s record book.Next class was 4U which was in the next block on the third level.Going down from 2nd floor and then climbing up third floor of another block seemed to be an exercise that would be done daily .Hope my aching legs could withstand that.And my pumping station too.

Found a nest next to the entrance which would be my place till 31 Dec to call my own.No more office with a swivel chair and a large desk in the privacy of a room.Nonetheless grateful for that.

But everything depends on the result of my MC.Medical checkup.So until the 6th I dare not call myself  a teacher .Mohon keputusan perubatan berjaya as I could wear the name tag without worry on the 7th Jan till 31 Dec.2011.Susah hati juga nak hadapi doktor …..

Met with traffic jam on the way back.Dekat 1/2 jam tersengguk sengguk menekan minyak dan brek.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Selamat mengajar kembali, InshaAllah..test result should be okay.
    Mamason suka ker kerja balik..tentunya suka lah kan!
    Anyway congratulation dapat gaji bulanan..he he he

  2. Ehem...siapa babysit Dell and family? purrrr.....meow!

  3. good to see you're teaching again. insyaallah you get a clean bill of health.

  4. Marina,
    Mengajar suka dapat gaji lagii sukeeeee.Boleh lah look forward to 12 months pay.Hope that MC is clear.

  5. Cat,
    Dell dah besar panjang.tak lekat dalam rumah.The babies paen dah jadi abang angkat.

  6. Just drop by to wish you 'happy teaching'!

  7. sekolah banyak tingkat memang cabaran untuk cikgu² senior... kesian mak saya dulu pun selalu sakit lutut

  8. Kak Nora
    Thank you ,

    entah lama mana boleh bertahan naik tangga turun tangga setiap hari.